To Our Mother’s Husband’s…


95% of guys can get any girl pregnant and earn the title “babydaddy”

85% will eventually get married either to their babymama or another woman and earn the title “husband”

A lesser percentage will become dads but remember only the true, strong n willing men become fathers.

Being a father isn’t all about paying the bills, or sowing the seed, it’s about knowing that you are not part of the list because ” you are the list”. You are the head of the house, the husband to their mother, the father to the kids and the leader of your own family, first.

Being a father is without a doubt, every man’s greatest source of fear, achievement, pride and inspiration.
Being a father teaches us about unconditional love, it reinforces the importance of giving back because a father never stops giving.

Don’t get this wrong though, not every father is a husband material(pun intended), some men are great father’s but they can no longer be husband’s/in a relationship with the mother of the child but that doesn’t make them love their child/children any less.

We should always congratulate all the great men out there who are working diligently to be good fathers whether they are stepfathers, biological fathers or just spiritual fathers.
Whether we chose to agree or not, our father’s have made us more of the strong, independent, hard working, focused and dependable person that we are today.

Every man should always pray to be a good servant to God, a great father, a husband, a friend, a brother, an uncle, a good neighbor, a good leader and a listening son to those who look up to them.

I can’t dedicate this day to my father alone because he is one amongst other great fathers out there so I have decided to share his day with all the other wonderful fathers who have, at a point in time,made a huge impact in their children’s life. We often shower our mothers with gifts and praises thus unconsciously neglecting our father’s. They are human. We should also buy them something, always. Nothing is too little or big. Our father’s deserve it too.

To all intending father’s, existing father’s, I say thank you. Not because you have done anything but because you are and will be a father. It isn’t easy catering to the needs of other people financially, emotionally, physically and all. First you work hard before you get married, then you work twice as hard once you get married and thrice as hard once the kids start to come in.

Thank you father’s for making our mothers happy and womanly.
Thank you father’s for believing in us, it’s the greatest gift anyone could give another person.

Thank you father’s for teaching us every lesson that has helped us become better than we would ave been.
Thank you!!

Oh and I haven’t forgotten the father’s that are no longer with us, Thank you for leaving us to go and chill in heaven, we know you are there preparing our homes for us as always. We know you left mother in charge because she is strong enough to be both. Don’t worry, we love you still. Thank you for being a father when you were here. We will never forget you and we hope you are proud of us.

“One father is better than a hundred friends, or school teachers”

Today separates the MEN from the boys…It’s called father’s(not husband or daddy) day for a reason

Happy Father’s day.



2 thoughts on “To Our Mother’s Husband’s…

  1. Happy father’s day! Beautiful write up. I felt this…. it’s so true dat we totally neglect the fathers and always empathise with our mother’s more. For every man who has taken the responsibility of being a Dad, I say a big Weldon. May God continue to strengthen u.

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