Famous Anonymous…


Our generation has finally accepted adultery, fornication and all forms of sexual acts in Nigeria as part of the “list” of the things we can’t fight but join others in practicing. We have given in to the idea of sex before marriage because it’s the only way to prove to our significant others that we care and love them truly, and deeply but then again, we have also abused that. We now see sex as a form of satisfaction or payment especially between a married man and a single woman. Some married women patronize younger boys too with the hope of getting sexual satisfaction from them only while the latter does it for the quid. The worst part are the ones who have friends with benefits. You know he isn’t interested in marrying you ever, yet you are willing to sleep with him whenever and wherever he calls for your body. Your body is not a public temple.
You meet a boy who shows interest in you Sexually by praising your looks and feminine features and you are fine with that. He takes you to different hotels, friends apartments or even his own house for just sex and small talks and you happily spread your legs like the wings of a dead bird. He sleeps with you consecutively with or without protection and you are forced to swallow morning-after pills like the mayor of a pharmacy. This same guy has other girls and you may even know his wife but that’s none of your business because good sex beats all form of morality. Then one day you get pregnant and you move from the adultery stage to the murderous phase. You realize you are too young, pretty, and ambitious for a baby so you take it out. And start all over again.
Some even end up falling in love with their shag buddies and then they start to cause trouble for them. You don’t expect anyone to take you serious after you have sold yourself as a cheap and cheerful product. I am not blaming anyone here because both parties are guilty of this act. If every woman keeps refusing the advances every man throws at her, he will realize the hard truth and buy more liquid soaps for his handwork.
The most unbelievable ones are the ones who decide to have unprotected sex, get pregnant and propose to keep the baby with the hope of luring the man to a certain kind of nuptial commitment. How do you reconcile that? I know some single mothers out there who took a risk and got served while some others took the same risk and got saved. I am not judging anyone but I think we can all curb our sexual appetites especially as a single person. I am not here to ask you to stop, no, no, it’s a phase and a huge level of discipline and prayers but if you must, do it for the right reason, with the right person and always with a condom (if you are not ready for a child).


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