The Midnight Storm…

The straff wasn’t as wow as she expected, she tried using all the toys at her disposal but she still wasn’t feeling her partner. The make-out was ewww… boring to a fault. She couldn’t stand the thought of her partner running anything through her body one more time. “Is this what happens when your whole life suddenly crumbles”? She had never felt so confused before in her life, was she heartbroken? Hmmm. She intentionally drank and got high earlier on in anticipation of “this” before the sudden knock on her door. She stood there, prepared for what was to come next but her mind was blown out of her body when she opened the door to a guest she wasn’t expecting, ever. Yes, her expected partner was with her now, doing things to her body as always but she was not feeling it anymore. She feigned an orgasm and went into the bathroom to wash up, think and reevaluate her life, all over again.
She wanted someone else, no, she needed someone else, She needed someone she has always had and taken for granted, back in her life. She needed a real man, OMG!!! She didn’t believe she just thought that in her mind. A man, a real man with a real instrument of pleasure and satisfaction, not this colored toys she had at her disposal, always. She finally got a French kiss from a real man and he left her wet and wanting. She thought her partner was going to satisfy the urge that was created in her 25minutes ago but from this sudden urge; there was no way that was going to happen, ever again. He touched her in places she had always been touched but his touch was different. It was firm, it wasn’t as soft as her partners and his kiss, oh God his kiss, it was more than a French kiss, it was a mixture of French, Japanese, American, Spanish, and Indian, all in one. His kiss was done with pain and pleasure. It pleasured her and pained him because she could see the pain in his eyes.
Twenty five minutes ago, she opened the door to see an unexpected guest who walked in on her half-clad, and high, he stared at her for some seconds, grabbed her and started to kiss her as he backed her towards the couch dropping her on her back as he carefully positioned his body above hers so she could feel the whole weight of his manly aroused body. He caressed her nipples with one hand as he ran his mouth all over her upper region while his hand held her hands together above her head. His hand stopped caressing the areolas and instead found its way between her tights, she arched her back, struggled to get her hands free but he held on tight. He did things with his fingers between her legs, things she had always done and received but this one basically turned her world upside down. He went down on her and gave her the best head she had ever seen, felt or given. He was precise and apt. They were at it for a while; she was at the verge of an orgasm when a sharp knock and a vibration from underneath her butts interrupted them. She grudgingly picked up the phone and discovered her expected guest was outside and knocking. Quickly, they separated, and got dressed. He fixed his collar, reached for his car keys, looked at her with a longing sad look, opened the door for her guest and walked out and away from her without a word or even acknowledging her visitors greeting. Her partner walked in with a confused smile and threw herself in her arms; everything else thereon was boring, tasteless, and unsatisfying. Her mind flew in different directions in the bathroom. She knew she had to finish what they started; she has to finish what she started with Adewale. She needed him back in her life, arms, and between her legs. Oh well, April and Mofe will eventually forgive her in the end but for now, she needed him back and she was willing to do anything to get him back. She walked out of the bathroom, kissed her partner and asked her to leave.

Meanwhile back at home, April and Mofe had gone inside to greet her inlaws, (Mofe’s parents), after a round of loud argumentative pleasantries, weather comparison stories and several hugs here and there, they all finally settled down quietly while they watched “VillageSquuare Tv”. It took a while for her in-laws to realize Ade and Jessy wasn’t with them and her mother-in-law was the first to ask. “Ehen okoo mi (meaning my husband/wife in yoruba), where is your husband? Is he in the main house? What of Jessy?” she asked looking Mofe’s way this time, “hasn’t she closed from work or doesn’t she know you are in town?”. They both looked at each other in silence and April was the first to break the silence saying Ade went to get Jessy from her office because her car was still at the mechanics as at the last time they spoke with her. They chatted for a while and April excused herself and went back to the main house. She went into Ades room, took a shower and put on one of his T shirts, she drank some water and sat down on the couch to watch a random program on Televison but she was only there in person, her mind had traveled far, far, far away. She was mentally exhausted and physically beat, she knew she needed to sleep but she also wanted to see and speak with Ade first, so she sat on the couch and waited.

April was fast asleep on the couch in Wales’s room when he walked in, he stared at her for a while before he bent down to pick her up and take her to their bed. His Angel, his lovely soon-to-be wife that he just cheated on for the first time because he was tipsy, angry, and confused, but that will never happen again. He prayed she would understand and forgive him overtime so they can continue with their plans to get married soon. April woke up startled and threw her arms around him. She smiled as he dropped a kiss on her forehead and whispered, “I am sorry” into her ears. He smiled back, hugged her, and dropped her on the bed before he covered her up. He needed a shower, he had to wash away the scent of Jessy and liquor from his body, he couldn’t explain what just happened but he was finally satisfied and convinced that it wasn’t his fault that it didn’t work with Jessy because in a way he always blamed himself for not trying hard enough to make it work with her in the past. He knew he wanted to be with April, without any single shred of doubt, but first he had to tell her the truth about what had just happened and he prayed by God that she would forgive him.
He walked out of the shower and saw his phone blinking; he picked it up, checked and saw about 4 missed calls and a text message. The calls were from Jessy; maybe she was calling to warn him off about what just happened or maybe she was calling to find out if he got home safe and sane. He opened the message and almost dropped the phone. Jessy had sent a text, a four worded text, “I want you, Now!!!” He couldn’t believe what he had just read, he sat down on the bed and his heart started to beat. A part of him wanted to just drive over to her house and give it to her but the other part of him stared at the woman on his bed and the thought of hurting her again didn’t go down well with him. He sat down there for a while on the couch, watched some news on the TV about a storm brewing in Manchester, he checked the time and it was half past 12a.m, hmmm, a storm at this hour of the night, he turned off the television and lights and walked towards his sleeping woman. He dropped the phone on the bed, sat beside his fiancé, played with her hair till he fell asleep by her side.
April woke up and grabbed the first hard object her hands touched, it was Ades phone so she turned on the torch and walked to the toilet to use the ladies. She sat down to pee and decided to click on the missed calls icon to see if anyone important had called, she saw several kissed calls from Jessy and she felt bad. She knew Jessy wanted to apologize to Ade for what had happened earlier on, Awwww, poor girl, she had already forgiven them, she thought of calling her and telling her that they were cool but then she looked at the time, it was past four a.m. Calling now was wrong, a text would suffice. She opened the messages and saw a text from Jessy, Awwww she even sent a text, she opened the message and dropped the phone as she screamed. She couldn’t believe what she just read. Jessy and Ade. Her scream woke Ade up and he rushed into the bathroom, picked up his phone from the floor, saw the message on the screen and froze. Guess there is never a right time for a “storm”; he did not just see himself been the source of this storm…


6 thoughts on “The Midnight Storm…

  1. Well to be candid I can direct this into a movie for you, an X rated movie to be precise. If you have more lemme know we could go I to the porn business together with your stories :-/ gbaM!!!

  2. Well to be candid I can direct this into a movie for you, an X rated movie to be precise. If you have more lemme know we could go into the porn business together with your stories :-/ gbaM!!!

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