The First Ring!!!

Gaga and R.Kelly’s “Do what U want with my body” was playing loudly on repeat. I moved round the entire self-contain house in my bra and shorts, cleaning, dancing and singing. Been excited since i woke up this a.m, which was exactly the same time i received the phone call from Samson, he said “Madam, na today we de come, make you prepare better surprise for Oga.” He told me their expected arrival time. My Sly was coming to town after six weeks on site, yaaay. The distance caused a mini fight between us, thanks to yours truly and I have been waiting to physically and sexually apologize. Wait, rewind…

…I woke up early because the alarm I set for my antibiotic drugs went off. We all know the first ring is always the most annoying, the subsequent ones just make you roll your eyes and sigh on the bed before hitting stop. I took the drugs, eased myself, got into bed, and turned on some music, I was at the verge of dozing when I heard the sound. It was just 5a.m and the only call I was expecting was the call to prayer by the mallam in the mosque beside my house. The first ring interrupted my music so I picked the phone and saw “Samson Driver” as the caller, my heart started an immediate nonstop back flip as I sat upright, did something go wrong with Sly? Was there an accident? Was I really cursed as my former in-laws speculated? Seeing as I lost my ex the week he proposed to me. He went to change the ring he proposed with because the first ring he brought was too small. While at the goldsmiths shop, some armed men attacked them, robbing and shooting randomly, he got hit on the stomach and he bled out, fast. By the time he was rushed to the hospital, he was gone. I mourned him for over 14months. I met Sulaiman(my current man- aka Sly) while I was mourning and he understood and stayed till I was ready. We have been an item for about 2years now, if anything happened to him too, i will drug myself to death. I couldn’t just imagine myself going through another phase of that. “Samson, what is it, what happened to your oga?, I yelled” He replied and said “Madam, na today we de come…”…. story continues

As expected, I had cooked his favorite meal, and I was dusting the furnitures when the door bell rang. I heard the first ring because I was expecting it, I grabbed a shirt before opening the door. It was Sly, he looked tired, we hugged and kissed passionately. We found ourselves on my bed and before I could apologize as planned, I was “shdtdpwya” under the covers. He kissed me passionately several minutes later, slid a ring on my finger and said “Marry me”. The moment was perfect. The ring wasn’t as beautiful as the first ring from the ex but it was the perfect size. I kissed him, smiled with tears dripping down my face as I slowly removed the ring.


10 thoughts on “The First Ring!!!

  1. astonishing piece of work.i feel to write d part 2 of the story for you.on the other hand, I leave it to you.your d guru of what you do.

  2. Wey d part 2 na?…..biko sama d next one quik….bye!……o n by d way,dis is a scintillating piece…proud of u 2 pluto!

  3. Did u really have to stop at that point??? I look forward to what comes next sha cos this short torment was sweet…

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