Chaotic Silence… too

Adewale drove around town for a while, contemplating on what his next line of action should be. Should he just go home and forget everyone and everything. Confronting his sister was out of it, it’s not like his questions will automatically change her sexual preference. She was into women, into his own women. She chased April in high school and she snatched Jessy from him. Oh No, the realization just dawned on him. Jessy, Hmmm, no wonder she didn’t give in to any of his sexual advances and as a gentleman who believed in waiting for the right moment, he never pushed her for anything beyond the friendly kisses because he was hoping she would eventually trust and let him in but that never happened because his sister was probably screwing her and her conscience wouldn’t allow her “do” two siblings. Pffft. But there were times when Jessy came over and spent the weekend with them but she only kissed him lightly and said sleeping in his sisters room was safer and more appropriate. What a very decent girl he thought she was back then but now the truth just became clear. She was being eaten or even “toyed with” by his lovely innocent and intelligent sister. He can remember practically begging Mofe to campaign on his behalf whenever she was with his girlfriend and campaign she said she was doing, hmmmm, cramping right.

“Adeeeeee!!! You know say you mess up sha, a whole guy man like you” he spoke aloud this time to himself. In the past he had felt bad that he just left Jessy hanging because they never really broke up and then he met April and he found everything he had always wanted in a woman, wife and mother of his children in her. His conscience wasn’t clear because Jessy was now a close family friend and he felt she was broken from his decision to move on without her, little did he know that her interest never lay with him, she had eyes for his sister. At a point, he even thought Jessy was trying to get to know him and his family better before “sexually consumating” (in Lady Em’s words) their relationship, but alas….
He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t know the music he was playing had stopped until he heard a phone ringing. Oh dear, he had April’s phone in the car, no wonder she hadn’t called him since. Amidst the chaotic drive round town, he had been expecting his phone to ring but now he knew why. Driving round town for a while cleared his head for some minutes for him to realize he needed a drink. He drove to a bar, had himself a whole bottle of champagne and peppered snail. Ade knew what had to be done and he knew he had to face everyone and tell them of his new decisions. The thought of facing April was scary but it had to be done. He headed for Jessy’s.

Mofe thought of several ways to approach the matter. Should she walk to April and apologize for something she barely remembered doing or should she just walk back inside, hail her folks, take her bath and sleep off. Her parents didn’t know of any of this because they were in their chalet and she hadn’t gone there to greet them upon returning home. She wondered what her parents would say or do when they eventually found out that the reason there wasn’t going to be a wedding again was because of her. Their lovely innocent Mofe. She swallowed the last of her pride, walked towards April and did what she should have done several years ago. She stood in front of her, put both hands on her shoulder and asked for her forgiveness with biddy eyes and a shaky voice. She told April the truth about herself. “I am a lesbian, I have always been and I don’t know if I can change who I am. I don’t know why the sight of another woman turns me on and I don’t know if it is something I should apologize for but I am here and that is what I am. I am sorry about high school, it was juvenile delinquency and I have long since grown. But please that shouldn’t mean you should leave my brother for this reason please. Dude loves you and he can’t wait to marry you. I already took Jessy away from him, don’t make me be the cause of you leaving him again, please.” Mofe kept going on and on about how Ade’s life would be destroyed, and all sort but the only thing that caught Aprils attention was “taken Jessy”.

Wait, sorry but please wait, are you saying you and Jessy are an item? All the bewildering confessions just made her stifle a cry. Jessy and Mofe, an item? Wow. It then dawned on her what Mofe meant by saying she had taken Jessy from Ade. April had always known that they where in a relationship in the past but Ade said it wasn’t as serious as that and she grudgingly believed him because she felt Jessy was only claiming to be best of friends with Mofe just to be close to Ade, but now after all she just heard, she finally believed he wasn’t lying. Awwww her poor Ade, he lost his first love to his sister and he recently just discovered that the same sister once made a move on his fiancé. He must be going through hell now, she checked her pockets for her phone and remembered it was in Ade’s car. She had to reach him. She had to apologize to him. She wasn’t ready to lose him. O, her dear Ade. She looked into Mofes eyes, pouted for some seconds, wiped the tears from her beady eyes and accepted her apology, they hugged, shared a joke and some other stories as they walked back into the house together to greet her in-laws, Mofe’s parents.

Jessy got home before her guest so she set up the mood for her escapade. She needed to exorcise herself of this sullen event. She needed to be punished as the sudden tension in her was overwhelming. She turned on the air condition, cd player and she plugged the kettle. She needed a cup of coffee, She had no plans of sleeping. Jessy got into her lingerie, brought out her dominatrix box and sat down on the kitchen counter. The water started to boil and she made herself a small cup of chinese black coffee which she downed in no time. A few minutes later her door bell rang. She ran to the door half clad in a see through lingerie and a whip between her teeth. She opened the door for her guest and was shocked to see Ade instead. The look he gave her was weird and that stirred something in her pants. He smiled, nodded his head, removed the whip from her mouth and walked into her house closing the door behind them…


10 thoughts on “Chaotic Silence… too

  1. Hmmmm will he do the unthinkable or will he do the honorable. That said with her in lingerie will she try something new

  2. Cool, I hope he finally gets 2 shag her. Although, April is waiting @ home. It’ll be interesting 4 me n Ade but sad 4 d character April. :-)).

  3. Y do u alwyz do this to me?hmmmn…anticipating….Ade baddoo hez bwt to hav a double latè served hot…Jessy et I want d shagxcapade in details biko (˘̯˘ )( ˘˘̯)

  4. o boy! this is getting ‘dirtier’. Halima Abeg finish ds story naa. suspense ain’t good for my innocent mind. I’m loving it tho…. *grins*

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