Chaotic Silence…….1

I don’t see how this can work again, babe, I don’t know how you expect me to marry the brother of a girl who molested me in junior high school. How can you ask that of me? How??? She is a lesbian, a full blown one for God’s sake, how could you not have mentioned that? We spoke about everybody and their likes extensively before we got here, and you never thought to mention Mofe’s sexuality to me.

April, with her back turned at him, vented on and on and on about the impossibility of their union together and her fiancé, just stood there, speechless. He looked like he had aged in the last few minutes. He looked stressed, confused, angry, lost, and the same time surprised. He was surprised because he could not comprehend what he just witnessed. April walked in, saw Mofe, screamed Senior Omo, and ran back out, in her heels. He had never seen April so scared before, ever. How could April, his lovely fiancée, the woman he was about to make his wife and the future mother of his unborn-presidential kids accuse his sister, his word-of-peace, and his most intelligent female competitor, of lesbianism? His Omomofe, his innocent sister who has never had time for boys or any serious relationship because she has always been too occupied with her books, family and her friends. The one who brings peace to the hearts of every troubled family member because she has a way for comforting and convincing a troubled soul in their time of confusion by providing companionship, any day, anytime? No, he was not going to take this from anyone not even his lover. Especially not his lover.

Keep quiet! Keep quietttt!! Please. April, for God’s sake, shut your mouth up and let me think, please. You have been talking for the past 20 minutes or more and I have allowed you. Now, please, SHUT IT UP!!! Please. Adewale had never ever spoken to her like that before, April knew when to shut it and she was glad she did immediately and as soon as she did, she turned to look at the man she has been engaged to for a while, she didn’t see the happy-go-fellow she fell in love with, instead she saw a man who looked like the world had just been reaped from underneath him, she saw a man that looked worn-out, overwhelmed, agitated and old. He didn’t look like the man that chased after her half an hour ago. He didn’t look like the man she fell in love with. He looked like he had just escaped from the pit of hell. April’s heart sank; she knew leaving this man would kill him faster than a cobra’s sting. But then she tried to stay put as her body asked of her, as opposed to what her heart was telling her, which was to rush into his arms and withdraw all she had blurted out a while ago, from anger and rage.

Adewale didn’t understand what he was going to do but he knew he needed answers. He walked back into the house like a man with a deadly mission screaming Jessica’s name repeatedly, without waiting for a response, he called Mofe’s name with disgust as he walked into them hugging each other in her room. He pulled out his shirt from his pants and rolled up his sleeves. He needed air, and he need to loosen his buttons because it was becoming too hot to breathe. Jessica separated herself from Mofe, turned with biddy eyes and attempted to walk out of the room hoping to leave her lover and her ex to sort themselves out. She also looked as worn out as Ade did. He looked into her eyes and the answer to all the questions he was about to ask was there in her eyes. Yes, she knows Mofe is a lesbian. Yes, she is one of her partners. Yes, she is sorry he had to find out this way. He stood there, shocked. He could not believe what he had just discovered from a mere glance. How can his Jessica, the girl he once loved and wanted to spend his life with be in a relationship with his sister, his lovely sister. How??? He broke into hot tears and screamed Oh my God, as his hands reached for his chest,squeezing his shirt in the process like one whose heart had just been broken into visible pieces. His shirt had been dampened from the river that flowed from his eyes and his body was sagged from emotional exhaustion, he looked at his ex, his sister, and walked away from both of them. He walked towards his car, but stopped briefly by April, kissed her on the forehead and whispered “I am terribly sorry. I do love you but I need me sometime to think. Alone.” as he looked into her red teary beautiful eyes, he hugged her tightly and got into his car, locked himself up and drove off while all three of them stared at the dust he had just raised.

Jessica stared at April and mouthed, “I am so sorry”. She could not bring herself to be audible seeing as she had suddenly lost her voice to tears and pain. There was no way in hell she was going to confront him with the pregnancy idea anymore, due to his recent discovery of her sexuality. She couldn’t even phantom it not even in her wildest imagination. There goes her baby daddy, the perfect sperm for her raging eggs. She looked at Mofe and mouthed “I’ll call you tomorrow” then got into her car and drove away too. There was no way she was going to stay and witness the next episode of rants from April and Mofe. She had heard enough for the evening, going back home to her quiet house sounded like a very good idea now. She picked her phone and dialed a number on her speed dial, a female voice answered, they exchanged pleasantries and she asked the person on the other end to meet her at home with a bottle of Jack, sleep over clothes and a joint or two.

April stood there as Jessy drove away. She had always wondered why she was so close to Ade and yet they had no sexual history. If only she had paid more attention to her, she may have known something fishy was up. Hmmm, what is she going to do now? How is she going to explain to her family that the wedding was not going to hold again? How?. She stood there shuttling her gaze between the gate, and Mofe at the entrance to the house. The silence between them was mentally chaotic. She desperately wanted to leave the house but that would mean calling a cab and she was damn sure she left her phone in Ade’s car…

Talk about being stranded at the wrong time and place.


15 thoughts on “Chaotic Silence…….1

  1. Halima, love the expression. Explicit as always. And I advise you to kindly finish what you started. I’d love to see karma bite that lesbo b**** in the ass.

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