April’s Deja’Vu

I don’t understand. What you are talking about Zebby (or Hajiya Zainab as her fellow colleagues called her) I mustered, as I ran my fingers through her brownish left soft lump from her see-through chemise, while I dipped my spare hands in between her panties, in search of her pinky. We were trying so hard to gasp for air as she nibbled on my earlobes and neck while she fondled my behind; we ended up having a wild make out session as usual on her couch for some minutes before a knock on the door separated us, sharply. I walked towards her bathroom to wash my hands as a nurse walked in with my file and some drugs which she had prescribed to me earlier on. Zainab has been my doctor, friend, and side chick for a couple of years. She is a mother of two, married to a wealthy, famous and very busy politician who is yet to satisfy her like I do, or so she always says for every orgasm I give her, every time. Well, who cares? She’s not the topic of discussion for now. I am. I am only 32 years old for jeez sake, yes, I am kinda rich, I am street smart, intelligent, semi-single and a mini-freak but that’s not an excuse for nature to attempt to treat me like trash yeah. Some people are worse than me and I don’t think they will ever be dealt with this kind of blow, still.
Zebby, how am I supposed to make a baby within 2 months without a spouse or even an imaginary relationship with the opposite sex? I checked to see if her door had been properly closed by the nurse who just left before I blurted my fears. You know I am a full blown lesbian; I have never even properly French kissed a guy let alone have them inside of me, what other options do we have, I quizzed. What about that Artificial insemination process I have been reading about via the net, can’t it be done In Nigeria? Or can’t we get a surrogate mother to do the ish for me? Babes, talk to me, I am scared yes but your silence and the smirk on your face is more creepy. Is it that bad? Zebby finally broke into a comforting smile and a sexy 20 seconds laughing spree before she uttered a word of. Haba Jessica; it isn’t so bad you know, I mean having a guy inside of you. They are not as bad as you imagine. It’s the same thing we do, just with a difference. I am married remember, with time you will endure and enjoy, I promise you. The only solution I have here is for you to have sex with a real guy for a couple of times. Get pregnant along the line, and continue with your Gold plated rabbit over time, like seriously, who buys a gold plated rabbit? We both burst into laughter, while I unconsciously streamlined my thoughts into the list of male friends that I had. All my male friends know I am Gisexual, and telling one of them to screw me would be the most awkward thing to ever come out of my sarcastic mouth. How? Me? UNpossible. I should probably lure one of those randy junior staff in my office to bed, but won’t that turn out to be disrespectful in the end?
A lot of thoughts ran through my mind as I drove back to work and I just couldn’t come up with a solution. I picked my phone and dialed Mofe. She is my ex’s sister who happens to be my fulltime girlfriend now, though she is currently in Canada completing her Ph.d. I told her what the doctor said and the solution to my problem, her screaming utterances was epic, magnificent!!! I could tell from her reaction that she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. I was going to be barren in a year or 14 months because a certain cyst that I just discovered after several heavy bleeding episodes, countless lab tests and scans, was about to destroy my womb and as the only child of my single-never-married-virgin macro-born again mother, I owed her a child at least. Whatever sex is fine by both of us. My mum was impregnated by some random cult guy when she was in the university and that’s how I came about. She gave me the love and affection any mother and father could give even after her parents threw her out. She struggled to finish school and decided to give up her career for a few years to ensure I had a good childhood before she continued working. Her parents took us back in when they realized that she didn’t lose focus despite her situation because she kept on fending for both of us in a good way without any man in her life. Her parents took her back in but by then I was old enough to differentiate between good and bad and for me, they were BAD. My mum always warned me about boys, men, or the male specie. I guess that’s how I ended up loving women because I figured the only way to avoid getting preggers and reliving my mother’s life would be to stay away from men, so I erm, well, here I am, A girl’s scout. I discovered my love for girls in St. Grace Academy, a girl’s school. I was in a boarding school, and watching girl’s bath, play, and play dressup was a huge turn on for me. I had my first sex in ss1 with a senior in ss3. By the time I got to ss3, I was already counting heads as the Head prefect (literally).
Finding like minds in the university was a piece of cake as I was very popular in class due to my brains and I had a lot of male friends who never got to see me naked so I was the talk of the school and I guess that alone attracted the girls. I had my fair share of head counts there too and I think I was actually in love with a certain girl who broke up with me in our final year because she was getting married to a guy. She was the one that got away. Or so I thought till I left school and decided to focus on building my career and life.
Mum was always trying to hook me up with the sons of her sisters from church and colleagues from work. In the earlier stage it was annoying as I was always fighting about it with her but with time I realized giving in and going on a boring date had its perks after all cos that’s how I met Mofe. Her elder brother (Adewale – my platonic ex) was and is still cute and I think he was in love with me but I, your royal Queen B, had eyes only for Mofe. She isn’t as cute as her brothers yeah but she has the most amazing body ever and her laughter is one of the reasons amongst several others I was always trying to make a joke out of every situation. She laughs from the heart and she is a wonderful person. If only I felt the same way about her brother. She like her brothers and everyone else in her family has a beautiful soul, forgiving heart and a prayerful tongue. I think I fell in love with her family first because they gave me a sense of belonging. They treated me as one of their own. They look at life as a passage to a bigger place and that has always been my belief. Adewale doesn’t still know I am a lesbian. He thought I became best of friends with his sister a few months after we met just so I could study him but we have been “best of friends” for over 4 years and I am sure he gets the message now. I want to be part of the family but I don’t want it to be through or with him.
Talking about Adewale, the height of our relationship was a hug and a peck, gave him several stories about why I wasn’t ready to be intimate yet and because he loved me then, he believed waiting for the right time would be perfect for both of us. He has stopped waiting now, seeing as he has a new girlfriend whose name is April, like seriously, April weds Ade, hahhahahaha, whatever. Heard from a grapevine that he was bringing her around for Christmas, Christmas was 45 days away and Mofe would be home too, hmmm, talk about perfect timing. He is the perfect pawn, but how am I going to explain this to Mofe? Now that’s the main problem I have at hand. How do I tell the girl I am in love with that the only person I can allow to even touch me or sleep with me is her brother who is now in a serious relationship, reason being that it would make me feel closer to her by virtue of the baby. Can I even pull it off or should I just ignore Zebbys message and play deaf till my mother realizes that I have lost my womb to one of life’s cruel hands.
All these thoughts kept running concurrently through my head six weeks later when I rushed down to welcome Mofe as I was too busy to go pick her from the airport because I was in a long, productive end of “Q4 and Intro to Q1” meeting with my business partners/colleagues. I walked in on Adewale and his girlfriend having a heated argument at the parking lot and from the look of things, I could tell she was trying to leave, hmmm, perfect again for me. Mofe sat down on her box in the mini parlor looking dumbfounded at the door. I walked in screaming and she didn’t even move a muscle. She just sat there looking like she had just seen a ghost. My heart broke immediately; I had never seen Mofe, my “face of peace” looking so confused, sad, lost, and heartbroken. I reached out to her and dragged her into her room as I watched tears fall from her eyes. I couldn’t ask her what the problem was cos I knew it had to do with the fight I saw outside. I had the whole evening to listen to her so I sat there and rocked her slowly. She finally mumbled something I didn’t catch so I nudged her and asked her to repeat what she just said. That was when my worst nightmare came alive in my wake. Omolola (now known as April), Adewales fiancé was one of the girls that Mofe forced to do unlawful sexual acts to her in high school when she was a junior. Apparently April had grown, and her name and physical features changed with time but Mofe didn’t recognize her from the pictures Ade sent to her when he sent her a shopping list for his soon-to-be bride. April on the other hand, had only spoken to Mofe a couple of times and she had never really seen a picture of her seeing as Mofe was rarely in the country to start with and we were all supposed to officially meet each other for Christmas.
Therein rests my problem people.

Note: don’t judge my sexuality; I was born/made that way in my head. I do not know why I am Gisexual but I like it. I am a semi-healthy freak who is a lover of life, wealthy, and God fearing


16 thoughts on “April’s Deja’Vu

  1. Very nice write up,u shud hv a column in a national daily. Buh if it were for real then zebby,mofe n jessica needs deliverance coz they soooooooooooooooooooooo out of place. Thumbs up to. @yemidgreat

  2. Very very interesting …… Can’t wait 2 get d rest of it!!!!! Plssssss wen wll it b ready? Suspense it killing me here ooooooo..Nice article sis.

  3. Halima! Whoooooooooaaaaaaaaa! Didnt know you could write stories this sweet. You sure deserve a column in a good lifestyle mag. Go girl, I’ll be here cheering you on….

  4. I like the fact that I was curious from the beginning, and with that I read through. And yes, I will read again as soon as there is an update. Nucely written.-dudu

  5. Now u make me miss my days of reading john Grisham novels with all the suspense. I feel you dear. You are a talent. But wait, what do you plan to do with this talent? Please dont let it waste. I remember back in Cma the corrections u made on one of my frustrated poems lol. Miss u loads.

  6. I saw ur add on stelladimokokorkus blog nd was fascinated at d way u advertised.
    I must commend dis story was wow. wud call myself a liar if I didn’t want more or an oliver twist for wanting more.
    keep it up

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