We Met In January. It Was One Of Those Days When I Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed With A Bad Hair Because I Got Back From Work Very Late The Previous Night. I Left Home In A Rush Dressed Like I Was Going For A Comedy Fashion Show As I Could Not Afford To Miss Clementina’s Wedding Which I Was Already One Hour Late For. Didn’t Feel Like Driving So I Called My Regular Cab Driver Who Drove Down Like A Criminal Who Was Been Chased By The Police (Which Was One Of The Reason I Liked Using Him For My Daily Crisis). My First Stop Was My Salon; To Get My Hair Fixed. I Left The Salon Thirty Five Minutes Later And Headed Straight To The Hotel Where My Fellow Bridesmaid Had Put Up And Was Lucky To Get There Five mins Before They All Left For Church. I Collected The Key To My Room And Ran Up The Staircase Because The Elevator Wasn’t Descending And In Less Than Thirty Minutes I Was Clothed And On My Way, Called The Cab Man To Ensure He Was Still Within The Area As I Walked Into The Elevator Feeling A Little Better Than I Did When I Woke Up. Waited For The Doors To Close Then I Bent Down (In A Feline Way) To Knot My Left Shoe Lace Which I Had Badly Knotted Earlier. The Elevator Came To A Stop And The Doors Opened, I (Now On One Knee, With My Hands Raised With The Hope Of Grabbing Anything Accessible To Lift Myself Off The Ground) Looked Up Only To Spot One Of The Finest Eyes On The Best Dressed Man (Even Though He Did Not Have A Wrist Watch Or A Good Haircut) I Had Ever Seen, Standing In Front Of My With A Huge Smile On His Face Mouthing ‘I Do’. I Was Dazed For A Couple Of Seconds And When I Finally Came To, I Grabbed His Outstretched Hands Which He Was Extending To My And Stood Up. I Mumbled “Thank You” Which Sounded Like ‘Vacuum”. In An Attempt To Walk Past Him, I Heard Him Whisper Adewale Into My Ears, I Stood For Some Seconds, Smiled And Said April, He Asked Me For The Time Which I Told Him As I Hurried Towards The Waiting Cab.

Got To The Venue And Joined The Party, Took Some Pictures, Drank And Danced A Little, Made And Received Some Calls Because I Was Restless Plus I Could Feel Someone Staring At Me But I Just Couldn’t Figure Out Who And Why So I Decided To Go Say My Byes And Head Home To Rest For The Remainder Of The Weekend (Or So I Thought). I Exchanged Pleasantries With The Latest Couple In Town And Took A Picture With Them, After Promising To Call Them Soon. I Hugged Some Guests, Took A Gift Pack And Started Heading To The Parking Lot. My Cab Driver Wasn’t Close By And I Needed To Sleep Under My Beautiful White Duvet, So I Decided To Take Another Cab Back To The Hotel To Get My Things Before Heading Home. I Was Outside The Gate Waiting For A Cab When A Black Toyota Corolla Pulled Up Beside Me, Couldn’t See The Driver Because The Car Was Fully Tinted. Adewale Came Out Of The Drivers Side And Asked If I Wanted A Ride, I Laughed, Got In And Thanked Him.

He Drove To The Hotel And Asked If He Should Wait, I Declined Saying My Taxi Driver Was On His Way Already, Thanked Him Profusely And Went In To Get My Things. I Spent Over 20 Minutes wasting my time In The Room Doing Nothing Because I Wanted To Give Adewale Enough Time To Leave The Vicinity. I Dropped The Key At The Reception, Walked Towards The Gate Of The Hotel Feeling Fulfilled And Smart, Saw A Car That Looked Like The Same One That Dropped Me Passing, I Ran Back Into The Compound, Waited At The Parking Lot For About One Minute Feeling Like A Female Bond, My Moment Didn’t Last Because I Realized Adewale’s Car Was Parked Ten Feet’s Away From Me And He Was Resting On The Bonnet Of His Car Laughing At Me. He Walked Towards Me, Grabbed My Bags And Walked Me To His Car. No Words Were Exchanged As We Both Walked Towards The Car And Got In, He Asked For My Destination And He Took Me To My House Without Uttering A Word. I Got Out, Thanked Him Again For The Third Time In Less Than 6 Hours And  Went In.  I Walked In Wearing A Funny Expression But I Was Too Tired To Think About It.

I  Slept Throughout The Day And Was Barely Awake The Next Day Too Because I Had Worked For Five Straight Days Closing Very Late On Each Day Because I Was Trying To Prepare A Document Which My Boss Was Supposed To Present To The State Government A Week After. I Am A Research Analyst/P.A To The H.O.D Research, In The Office Of The Chief Research And Statistics Department In One Of The Federal Government Commissions. I Enjoyed My Job A Lot Because It Entailed Everything I Had Ever Wanted But Still I Lacked In The Department Of A Steady Relationship. I Have Done Several Researches In The Past And The Only Thing I Have Never Found Was The Right Guy, Plus The Nature Of My Job Didn’t Give Me Enough Time To Even Meet Them. I Woke Up Finally At Noon To Fix Myself Up With Brunch, Returned The Missed Calls And Messages I Saw On My Phone, Arranged My Outfit For The Week Accordingly In My Wardrobe, Took My Bath And Sat Down To Watch A Movie. I Was Enjoying My Privacy In A Way Though And No One Was Complaining Yet. I Barely Managed To Watch Half Of The Movie Before I Slept Off On The Couch Again. I Woke Up To The Sound Of My Phone Ringing, I Was Too Sleepy To Even Check Who The Caller Was When I Said Hello. The Caller Was Mute For A While And Then He Cleared His Throat And Said Hi. We Spoke About Nothing For 2mins Before I Finally Asked The Question I Had Been Avoiding Since I Couldn’t Figure Out Who The Caller Was Even Though I Deduced That He Knew Enough About Me From Our Brief Conversation. He Introduced Himself As Adewale And My Eyes Opened Fully, I Sat Up And Asked How He Got My Digits In A Low Tone, His Reply Was Very Shocking As I Could Tell He Was Smiling At The Other End Of The Line. He Told My He Got It From The Bride Who Happens To Be His Cousins Wife, He Also Told Me That He Was At The Wedding Too And He Watched Me All Through, And From The Moment He Saw Me, He Knew He Liked Me (Which Was Something He Had Never Felt Or Done Before).

That Was How It All Started; We Started Seeing Each Other Officially In February. Adewale Works For An Oil Company In Bayelsa State And His Job Was Almost Like Mine Too. We Both Had The Same Likes When It Came To Having Fun And We Both Liked To Have Our Privacy. We Loved Movies, Dancing And Sleeping. He Showered Me With All Kinds Of Gifts, Ranging From, Wrist Watches, Perfumes, Dresses, Shoes, Jewelries And Cakes. By March We Had Gotten So Used To Each Other That The Thought Of Not Being Together In Future Was Scary. By April We Had A Little Quarrel Which Lasted For Almost 2 Weeks Because Adewale Thought It Was Time To Consummate And I Said It Was Too Early, We Talked About It And He Calmed Down. May Was Adewale’s Birthday And I Got Him A White Gold Wrist Watch And He Promised To Wear It Every Blessed Day, I Took Him To Watch A Movie And I Took Him Home For The Final Gift (Which Adewale Hoped Was What He Had Been Silently Clamoring For Between My Legs) But He Was Surprised To See His And My Friends, Colleagues, And Relatives In My Parlor Holding A Cake And Screaming Happy Birthday. He Was So Happy And I Could Tell That He Wasn’t Expecting So Much Love From Everyone Knowing That Some Of Them Flew Down Just For Him, We Danced, Ate And Drank, They All Left Around Mid Night And For The First Time I Allowed Him Sleep Over And The Last Thing That Was On His Mind Was The First Thing He Thought Of When They Were Driving To My House. He Thanked Me For Everything And Held Me Close All Through The Night Only Waking Up To Drop Little Kisses On My Face And Neck. By June I Was Ready To Take The Relationship To Another Level. I Didn’t Regret Every Bit Of Our Love Making As It Was Beyond My Expectations. He Was Glad He Waited Till I Was Ready Because It Was Worth The Wait. I Visited His Family In July When I Finally Got A 2 Weeks Break From Work; They Liked Me At First Sight. He Visited Mine Too And Was Shocked To Discover That He Was The First Guy That I Had Taken Home To Meet My Family. We Went To Dubai To Spend The Remaining 5 Days I Had Left Before My Leave Was Over. August Went By Without Any Issue Apart From The Regular Arguments Which Couples In Love Usually Have, So Did September And October. My Birthday Fell In November And I Got The Greatest Gift Of All. Adewale Proposed To Me At 12a.M In The Morning While We Were On The Phone, He Had Put The Ring In The Right Foot Of His Loafers That He Left On My Shoe Rack, I Screamed Yes With Tears In My Eyes. We Exchanged Lovely Words And Promises And I Went To Bed With A Smile And Tears In My Eyes. He Flew Down Several Hours Later And He Went Down On His Knees To Propose Again, I Went Down On Mine Too And Dropped A Kiss On His Lips To Re-Confirm My Answer. It Was The Most Wonderful Birthday Gift I Had Ever Had And Our Relationship Grew Stronger. He Spent The Night  With Me And Travelled Back The Next Morning. November Ended Better Than The Other Months Even Though He Asked Me To Keep His Proposal A Secret Till We Both Went Visiting For Christmas.

December Started Well As Both Families Where In Support Of Our Decision Or So We Thought Till Mofe, Adewale’s Sister Showed Up For Christmas From Canada……….. (To Be Continued)



  1. A great read, seamless flow. I couldn’t stop reading till I got to “to be continued” 😦 Now, that’s a torture. Anyways, I love the storyline and I hope it gets to surprise me in the sequel.

  2. Abeg finish am quik jooor!which kain suspense b dis nw?……..hmmmm,nice bt abeg change d name of d gurl inside d write-up to aliyah,cos dis na my ‘head in d cloud imaginations’….well done babe. holdin my breath o!,no let me wake up inside grave so concludin part plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  3. Nice and lovely write up!! Kip it up. Anyway, if I don’t know you any better hmm….. D ending mustn’t be tra…… Peace out

  4. Very nice write up!! Couldn’t stop reading, so glued to it till I got to the “to be continued” part. Pls need to read the continuation! So romantic…. Awww Wish mine started ds way….*winks*… Lolz

  5. Would have said nyc story bt you never finish am. Pls for your own good just tell me the rest of the story so I won’t have to strangle you @ nyt.

  6. Very nice, what you need to do is get an editor and start writing books. U got a lot of talent that u don’t know of. Keep it up. I am proud of u

  7. Very nice one there. I’m reminded of my secondary school days when I used to write & share with my friends.
    This story is one I’m dying to share with one of those friends and I really can’t wait for the concluding part. Kudos!!!!!!!

  8. Nice one my dear, i managed to read the first paragraph, its really nice…but i think i hate reading so wld complete it tomoa, but its really nice i must confess

  9. WTF! I kept ∂ story 4 ∂ right time 2 read. Halimat! Wow,thumps Up babe,beauty wid da brain.Am strongly behind you,waiting patiently for ∂ season 2,it aint dt eazy writing,buh seriOusly am Proud of you!!!

  10. Very creative, seamless imagination, and you make story telling seem so effortless. Good job…I bet you’re working on a major project.

  11. Wow my dear thats a very good story there,felt lyk i was reading one of Norra Roberts novels,i really lyked it pliz finish it soonest!

  12. Halima u r wicked ooooo, what kind of nonsense is this dnt let my ancestors follow u Oooooooo, I know where u live!!! Better complete this story oooo no nijja film trick with part 1-5….tic Tok am watching you….oya!!!

    1. Kudos Girl! Dis is a huge thumbs up for u, very engaging. I also concur wit Hauwa.. To make ur work extra fantastic u need an editor. I see you blowing the roof off in the near future in sha Allah. Looking forward to more.

  13. Kudos Girl! Dis is a huge thumbs up for u, very engaging. I also concur wit Hauwa.. To make ur work extra fantastic u need an editor. I see you blowing the roof off in the near future in sha Allah. Looking forward to more.

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