Pool Of Pleasure

Dear Loyal Readers, I woke up alone and started to wonder why, i am sure he is either in the bathroom taking a shower or he will be in the parlour talking to his main girl or watching a football  match. I need a shower myself because I didn’t get the chance to in the mid night; I wonder what I will do when I am all dressed up in a bit. Hmmm, To-go or not to-go? That’s the questions in my head now….

I woke up this morning feeling very weird and wonderful; I hadn’t felt that way in a while, actually, I have never felt this way in my incomplete life. It feels like a dream yet I know it is real, I wanted to scream out to the whole world last night and tell them of my discovery but I knew doing that would make me share and I was not ready to do that, not now or ……. ever (I think).

Last night I discovered my sutra self, I found the spot I had always searched for in time of soothe. I didn’t know people had the ability to scream or talk gibberish in their time of bliss; I was used to only doing that when I was pissed or confused not pleasured. Have i been into any long and major relationship? Yes, but I have never had so much intimacy with any of my associates (wink wink). I guess I was never really in it. Should i thank God that I was really never ready because I don’t think i will trade last night’s experience for anything, not even for a million naira (Hmmmm, but for a million Dollars i will, eeerrmm…).

I am sure tasted him before I even ate him, I felt him before he touched me, I heard him before he spoke to me, I even met him before he saw me, yeah, because I had known him for a while but I didn’t know he was the one that would end up taking me back and forth in a cradle – thanks to late Aliyah. I know at this moment you are already drained from reading nothing; I am also tired of talking too much, to cut the story short, I’ll explain where my sudden joy is oozing outta. Yesterday I decided to spend the night with Togo after he had spent several weeks chaotically chasing me, we didn’t do anything based on the promise he kept earlier on (that he won’t touch me). Though we cuddled, kissed, touched this and that and then we slept off listening to soft music from his phone.

I suddenly woke up and I heard myself moaning in my wake, I was feeling a sudden pleasure from my chest region and I could feel myself squirming and I thought “oh no, I am probably having a feminine wet dream” and I instantaneously woke up only to realize the pleasure was been meted upon me by Togo. He was busy drinking from my robust upper region and digging into my lower passage with his hand. I almost lost control of my self, my mouth refused to shut itself up, and it was then I realized I was talking gibberish, I was trying to say “stop, don’t” but instead what i was voicing out was “don’t stop”. I was hot and dripping with water ( from every part of my body), shaking and screaming, I don’t know what he was doing but boy, he was doing it very well. I started moving my hips and I think that sent a message to his leg (the mini one, please). He started undressing me slowly and I could not do the same too because I was too engrossed in the erotic feeling. I can’t remember seeing him pulling out a nylon helmet and wearing it or even turning me to my side but I remember him entering into me slowly, and carefully. I arched my back (like a cat that has refused to drop on her back after a great fall) to allow him gain full entrance, my left leg was wrapped around his. He kept grinding slowly for a while and his lips never left my neck and ears, after two hours (because that’s how it felt in my head) his pace picked up and he started riding fast, he turned me over and raised my behind like a cat that was ready to pounce on its prey, this time he entered me with so much energy that I had to scream. He started riding and tapping, he rode for another two hours ( what? thats how it felt in my head yeah) and then that was when I realized he was about to come and then I found my voice but this time I didn’t mix the words up, I said loudly like a sick bird “ don’t stop”. He smiled and said he was not planning to do that.

He turned me over to lie on my back and he entered me slowly and then he closed my legs (hmmm, am I getting wet again, peew). He started knocking on my spot and I felt myself wriggling, I got scared, I wanted him to stop but I could not let go of his tight bottom, I started moving like a loose cannon and then he said “ I am about to come”. I can’t remember what I said but I know we screamed out together and that was when all the strength I thought I had left me. I became weak and shy, and he kept on kissing me all over mustering words I can’t remember now, he played with my hair till I fell asleep.

I am awake now, wondering how I will face him when he gets outta the shower, should I accuse him of Rape (forgetting the incident or my first Orgasm experience). Should I just dress up and sneak out of his house and wait for him to come to me? Or should I just stay and act all matured about it by waiting for him to say something that may sound like an apology before storming out of his house acting very hurt? Togo suddenly knocked on his door and walked in with a tray (breakfast in bed, will it get any better)? He asked if I was okay and if I was ready to eat or if I wanted to take my bath me first.

Okay people, I am out, no more stories to tell, I don’t have to live like Cinderella or even Oprah, I can at least live happy for now with my Togo, I don’t even care if I am the tenth girl he is doing this to, I don’t know what tomorrow holds or what yesterday feels like again but I do know that where I am now is where I have always wanted to be.



5 thoughts on “Pool Of Pleasure

  1. Erotic story,did u gt it frm a novel? Its reads lyk one of ma novels. Nyc try,mayb u shud write a romantic suspense filled wit sweaty hot sex.

  2. a rare way of writing in naija.keep up ur style.u dont have to be like everyone.d stories are trouser bursting for men and I advice they have thier wives or girlfrends n vice versa besides them when ever they wanna read ds great write up.i luv u much more today n beyond.

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