I couldn’t sleep so I wrote this:

Empty spaces u ve left Laitan, crying faces u ve left in d dark with no torch or lantern.
Wit u amongst us we knew we were gona find a way to dance akpala wit hiphop but now that u r gone we dont knw if we shld quit or start again from d top.
I ve cried and lied about it, am supposed to comfort the people u left behind but i dont know how to cos i am tired.
Track one of our c.e.o album u begged God nt to let u die, now u r gone and i am wonderin were our faith will lie.
This is tragic.
You died on ur way to success, i hope those of us u ve left behind will make ur little stay on earth,worthy without stress.
I asked Zeez how u were feelin and he said fine, i asked teggyfizzle if u were awake and she said yes u culd even dine.
Rugged prayed for u every second, Tunde said he spoke for and with u on & off record.
Why den did u have to go to sleep again, and make us all weep?
This is tragic.
Words are beginnin to fail me cos i know we have lost a bright future, i cant promise to be there but ill try and pass ur message with words and your picture.
I gave up my likes cos I used to sing, rap, write and dance but then u came n gave me a reason to give myself a second chance.
U were nominated for d hiphop awards, don’t worry in heaven ull get a plaque and ur rewards.
u sang several songs that made a hit in less than a year,my best was Kondo, now i sing the song in ma head n it just occured to me that u neva had ur private condo.
ill let you sleep for now laitan,just for Now, but ill be back to wear u ur crown, yes a white crown.


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